Cincinnati woman finds Kentucky family's photo

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CINCINNATI — When Chelsea Ehemann walked extracurricular her Cincinnati home, she noticed someone's photograph successful her beforehand yard.

"It was a homecoming representation from backmost successful precocious schoolhouse from 2006," Ehemann said. "I looked astatine it and saw...Ohio County High School. I thought it was Indiana."

Ehemann and her member looked up the school, discovering the photograph really came from a location much than 200 miles distant successful Hartford — a metropolis successful Ohio County, Kentucky.

"We were like, 'there was nary mode that really happened and got each the mode here,'" Ehemann said.

Ehemann posted the photograph connected societal media, connecting with idiosyncratic who knew the idiosyncratic successful the photo.

"They fto maine know...the location that it came from was destroyed," Ehemann said. "The family, luckily, is good ... with insignificant injuries, but was trapped successful their basement for a mates of hours."

Alice Baxley St. Clair, the parent of the lad successful the photo, said her lad Collin is present a doc successful Lexington. He heard from respective friends and acquaintances astir his aged precocious schoolhouse photograph resurfacing successful the Tri-State. St. Clair said their location is heavy damaged, but galore of their belongings made it done the storm.

"Our household made it done safe, but our location is ruined," St. Clair said. "The barn is wholly gone on with implicit a mile of achromatic vinyl obstruction my hubby enactment up. Many of our possessions made it and person been recovered. We person an abundance of radical to assistance us. There are galore homes destroyed successful our county...we person been blessed by God."

Ehemann was capable to message the photograph back, connecting them with different 1 of their belongings.

"I anticipation everybody is doing each close and that they tin find a small comfortableness successful having a small portion back," Ehemann said. "It's bully to person societal media, though, to beryllium capable to bring radical unneurotic and springiness them backmost what they, you know, what they lost."

People crossed the state have joined a Facebook group dedicated to reuniting radical with items mislaid successful the quad-state tornado.

St. Clair said radical tin assistance those impacted successful Ohio County by sending donations to the Beaver Dam Foundation Tornado Relief, PO Box 408, Beaver Dam, KY 42320.

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