'Enjoying retirement... then we were homeless'

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BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Residents of the Horizon West condo gathering are inactive trying to onshore connected their feet aft being forced to evacuate their homes earlier this month.

The gathering was declared unsafe and residents had astir 10 minutes initially to stitchery belongings.

Now, couples similar Patricia & RJ Esposito are homeless.

"One infinitesimal we're conscionable trying to bask status successful a bully place, and present we're homeless," said RJ.

The mates had lived astatine the Horizon West condos for much than 4 years. Earlier this month, they felt panicked erstwhile they were forced to evacuate. Now, they’re frustrated.

"We had a gathering inspection conscionable similar you person erstwhile you bargain a house. Nowhere did it accidental it was falling isolated due to the fact that of rust. We inactive person to look backmost astatine paying taxes connected this gathering and we're not definite what is going to beryllium expected of us," said Patricia.

Expectations the American Red Cross wants to assistance with. On Thursday, Dec. 16, they enactment unneurotic a one-stop store lawsuit astatine Elmbrook Church.

Volunteers from much than a twelve agencies were determination to reply questions and supply an array of resources to displaced residents.

Justin Kern is the communications manager of American Red Cross of Wisconsin. He says they felt called to help.

"We're providing thing from a repast to affectional and spiritual support, to immoderate of the much bureaucratic stuff. It's a boost to person an interaction connected somebody's beingness and to beryllium capable to bash it successful a radical setting, unneurotic with others. It feels good, particularly this clip of the year," said Kern.

The Espositos accidental this concern has created a large woody of fiscal accent for many.

"We person location equity loss, immoderate of america person mortgages and immoderate of them remortgaged to get the balcony enactment done. We don't person that wealth successful the budget. So it's 1 time astatine a time. We can't wage for 2 places to unrecorded and lone unrecorded successful one."

The mates says they person had a batch of occupation uncovering a vacancy for a spot to unrecorded successful downtown Waukesha. They are hopeful, but accidental they are not definite of the adjacent steps aft they person to permission the edifice they're presently astatine successful conscionable a fewer days.

CBS 58 has requested an interrogation with the Waukesha politician and Building Inspection Division respective times.

Those requests person gone unanswered.

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